Orthopedic Pillow “COMFORT GREEN” Viscoelastic ORTHIA


As a result of its modern technology and innovation, Orthia has developed a new line of products – Orthia Green – produced with more environmentally friendly materials. Maintaining high quality standards, these products are lighter and softer for greater comfort.

Bamboo Fiber Blankets Bamboo
fiber is 100% natural, biodegradable and naturally antibacterial with a highly absorbent mesh-like structure that ensures the bamboo fabric of the blanket is always fresh and refreshing. The microstructure of the bamboo fiber gives the fabric a very soft and silky texture, conveying a sense of luxury.
With unique natural antibacterial properties, bamboo prevents and resists contamination from harmful fungi and bacteria, while also being highly breathable and excellent ventilation. The high moisture absorbency and quick drying prevent the accumulation of odors and make the cover extremely durable, allowing a healthy and restful sleep for much longer.

Viscoelastic Memory Foam
Comfort Green pillows are made internally of viscoelastic memory foam of a lower density which makes them lighter, softer and more sensitive to the pressure they receive, offering greater comfort during sleep. Resting the head on them contours the neck, providing a more even support, allowing the neck muscles to relax.

Available sizes:

Small  53 x 32 x 10/8 cm (code 2405060)

Medium  66 x 32 x 10/8 cm (code 2405061)

I am interested
  • Relief from headache, neck pain and stiffness
  • Relief from degenerative disease and osteophytes
  • Prevention of bedsores in bedridden people or people who spend a long time in bed
  • Minimizes snoring

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