Code: 17

Angle Brace With Lateral Support Pavis 17


Ankle brace with lateral panels, suitable for stabilizing the ankle after severe muscle, tendon or ligament injuries ensures effective immobilization to avoid lateral movements of the ankle joint. It is reinforced with stabilization straps that tie in a figure 8. The full ankle opening at the back and Velcro closure allows for easy and painless application.


I am interested
  • Sprains, tendinitis, dislocations.
  • Passive support to aid in the functional recovery of the ankle.
  • Support and protection in sports activities.
  • It consists of two different elastic fabrics: the inside is made of a very soft cotton fabric with a velvet texture, which allows the skin to breathe and offers a great feeling. The exterior is made of an elastic fabric and velcro closure.
  • 100% cotton in contact with the skin
  • Breathable hypoallergenic fabric
  • Does not contain neoprene
  • Color blue

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