Code: 895

Slimming Belt Scudotex 895


The Salva Linea series of slimming products by Scudotex was created to meet the needs of men and women who consider it important to control their weight, free from the imperfections caused by the presence of fat mainly in the waist, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. It is a natural and ideal solution for reducing local thickness, made of natural Latex and triple layer cotton. The central layer of natural Latex raises body temperature, increases blood circulation, enhances perspiration and continuously reduces fat mass in the waist and abdomen. The inner layer of healthy cotton fabric absorbs sweat, while keeping the body completely dry. It is used in direct contact with the skin and to increase its effectiveness wear it while doing housework,

I am interested
  • Comfortable, light and thin, you adhere perfectly to the body
  • Continuous and beneficial micro-massage
  • Increase in body temperature and consequently, increase in blood circulation
  • Abundant secretion of sweat glands that help dissolve and reduce fat
  • Perfect and healthy sweating

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